So, You Fell Short…So What?!?!

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I was meeting with a member of my ETR Monthly Live coaching club recently and they told me, “I have fallen short on my new habit.  It is disappointing because I went 15 days straight and then fell short of expectations.”

My immediate gut reaction was, “Yeah, so what?!?!”

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me clarify what I meant here.  Everyone falls short.  No big deal.  Just hop back up and commit to your next 66-days.  Keep showing up until you lock in your habit and close the gap on your goals.

The thing I have learned is that even the most effective people on the planet fall short from time to time when pursuing new habits and aspirations.

The thing that makes these high-level human beings unique is that they learn not to take it personally.  Then they diminish their dwell time and get back to pursuing their desired beliefs and outcomes in life.

This podcast episode outlines five steps you can take to flip the script on permanently falling short of expectations.

  1. Get crystal clear on top 2-3 core habits
  2. Create a productive environment
  3. Determine “WHY” you will fight for it
  4. Diminish your dwell time
  5. Commit to “as many times as it takes” mentality

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