5 MUSTS to Make World-Class Habits

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World-class habits…If you want to maximize your productivity and potential in your life, they are an absolute must.

However, in today’s uber cluttered world, forming habits is harder than ever.  This is why so many people fall short when pursuing change in their lives.

This is why I have poured into creating a unique structure in my ETR Coaching programs that maximizes people’s chances of success when establishing habits.

I wanted to build on my past episode “How to Get World-Class Habits to Take Hold” by covering critical first habit formation steps.

In this episode, I outline five MUSTS to make world-class habits in the key areas of your life.

  1. Pick your desirable habit
  2. Determine your exact start date
  3. Choose your consistency goal
  4. Pick a practice time
  5. Determine your WHY (WWYFF?)

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