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Dr. Coyte Cooper is a bestselling author, international speaker and executive coach who is one of the premier experts in the area of personal leadership and maximizing performance.  A former NCAA Division I All-American, TEDx Speaker, college professor and the CEO of Flip the Script, Dr. Cooper has worked closely with thousands of proactive professionals the past few years to develop a unique transformational system that helps audience members radically enhance their clarity, focus, ENERGY, motivation, passion and results on a consistent daily basis.

"Helping Leaders and Professionals Achieve HP3"
(High Purpose. High Passion. High Potential.)

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Expert Topic Areas

Dr. Cooper, an international keynote speaker residing in the Seattle area, has poured into creating original content designed specifically to empower people and organizations to their highest potential.  Each of his innovative keynote talks (sample topics below) have been designed to help leaders, event and meeting planners, and decision-makers deliver memorable experiences for their people.  Dr. Cooper is passionate about customizing his talks with each individual group to make the experience ENGAGING, INSPIRING, and MEMORABLE for audience members.  He prides himself on doing this at a high level while also being easy to work with throughout the planning and delivery process.

Ideal for Events Focused On:

- Empowering Employees - Building Leadership - Maximizing Performance - Improving Culture - Enhancing Personal Brand - Motivating Attendees



1. Eliminate Negative Habits
2.  Radically Increase Clarity and Focus
3. Improve ENERGY and Motivation
4. Maximize Productivity and Results
5. Embrace Change and Innovation


Research shows that professionals are more distracted, stressed and overwhelmed than ever.  This is causing both individuals and organizations to perform way below their potential.  With the right shifts, it is possible to completely flip the script on these patterns so professionals and organizations can radically increase their productivity and potential.


This innovative keynote talk is designed to outline 4 simple, impactful habits that any professional can implement to radically increase their productivity levels and potential.  It will teach them how to "flip the script" on counterproductive habits so they can be more balanced, focused, ENERGIZED, motivated and intentional on a daily basis.




1. Elevate Personal Leadership
2.  Improve Clarity and Vision
3. Create a High Performance System
4. Elevate Accountability
5. Drive MASSIVE Efficiency and Results


Research shows that most proactive professionals and leaders are living far below their potential.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  With a proactive approach that establishes the right system, it is entirely possible for audience members to CRUSH IT in the key areas of life.


This one-of-a-kind high performance session is custom designed to help leaders and proactive professionals “Earn the Right” to achieve extraordinary outcomes in the key areas of their lives. It accomplishes this by teaching audience members a powerful HP3 system, created by Dr. Cooper, with four core habits that radically elevate purpose, passion and potential on a consistent daily basis.


What Makes Dr. Cooper Different?

When hiring a speaker, this is one of the most important things to consider.  How will the person I hire be unique?  What can they bring to the table that will add value to my audience?  First, Dr. Cooper has created custom, one-of-a-kind presentations he is CRAZY PASSIONATE about.  Second, building on top of this, he has honed his skill sets and ability to engage/inspire audiences over the last 10 years.  This shows in the unique ENERGY and presence he brings to every talk he gives.  But what truly differentiates him from other speakers is that he is a powerful thought leader who consistently creates new original content via his books, podcast, courses, and coaching programs to empower people to potential.


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