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Dr. Coyte Cooper, a premier in-demand keynote speaker, is an expert in the area of High Performance where he focuses on empowering professionals to live to potential.  A bestselling author, podcast host, executive coach, and former NCAA Division I All-American, Dr. Cooper specializes in creating transformational systems and strategies that are designed to help leaders, business professionals and students radically improve their balance, clarity, ENERGY, motivation and vision so they can cultivate MASSIVE results in their lives. 

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Featured Keynote Topic Areas

Dr. Cooper has poured into developing a series of POWERFUL motivational keynote talks (and training sessions) that are designed to help leaders, event and meeting planners, and decision-makers create memorable experiences for their people.  Each of these topic areas can be customized based on the needs of the client’s audience.  Dr. Cooper strives to make EVERY talk ENGAGING, INSPIRING, and MEMORABLE for his clients.

Flip the Script: 4 Steps to Radically Improve Productivity and Potential

Background: In our society, the challenges facing professionals are bigger than ever. With the prevalence of technology and the constant barrage of negative messaging, many employees feel distracted, overwhelmed, and/or uninspired on a consistent daily basis.  This has led most businesses and corporations to a place where they are performing far below their potential.

Purpose of Talk: This keynote talk is designed to outline 4 simple, impactful steps that any professional can take to radically increase their productivity levels and potential.  It will teach them how to “flip the script” on counterproductive habits so they can be more balanced, motivated, and intentional on a daily basis.

Audience Members Will Learn How to:
        1. Improve clarity and inspire intentional action
        2.  Schedule effectively to drive MASSIVE results
        3.  Maximize efficiency and create life balance

Intended Audiences: Corporations, Business Groups (Networking, Chamber of Commerce), and Athletic Groups.

Make Your Mark: 5 Choices to Achieve WAY More in Life

Background: Research shows that most people are living far below their potential.  This is illustrated by the fact that 66% of all people are stressed and unhappy on a consistent daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  With a proactive approach that establishes the right habits, it is entirely possible for audience members to create results and a life they absolutely love.

Purpose of Talk: This keynote is designed to help audience members understand simple choices they can make on a daily basis to achieve WAY more in their lives.  The talk outlines 5 world-class habits that anyone can capitalize on to radically increase their results and quality of life.  The goal of the talk is to inspire audience members to go out and live so well that they make their mark on the world.

Audience Members Will Learn How to:
        1.  Cultivate a growth mindset conducive to success
        2.  Create solid habits that maximize happiness
        3.  Set BIG goals that drive AWESOME results

Intended Audiences: Schools/Athletic Departments, Corporations and Associations (available in elevated, high level format for leaders).

Perspective Sparks Potential: 3 Simple Shifts That Can Radically Transform Your Results and Life

Background: It is inevitable that you will face challenging situations in life.  In fact, in studying the most successful people on the planet, you quickly learn that failure was a big part of their journey.  Rather than allowing it to define them, they instead trained themselves to see adversity as a gift that drove them to find an entirely different level in their lives.

Purpose of Talk: This keynote, based on Dr. Cooper’s TEDx Talk, is designed to show audience members how they can take any negative situation and turn it into something that radically elevates their lives. It lays out the unique “Choice – Perspective – Gift” process in a simple way that allows people to shift their mindset so they can focus all their time and energy on the results and life their desire.

Audience Members Will Learn How to:
        1.  Overcome adversity + elevate performance levels
        2.  Choose perspective points that increase motivation
        3.  Redirect any negative situation to productive

Intended Audiences Corporations, Athletic Departments/Schools, and Non-Profits.

How to Book a Talk

Dr. Cooper is currently booking talks for 2018. If you have an event where you are looking for a keynote speaker, then use the contact form below to get in touch with him. Or, simply email ( or call him (919-699-3420) at your convenience.

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