Ollin Coaching Club

The Ollin Coaching Club was created with one sole purpose: to provide proactive people with a transformational training environment to help them create incredible results in their lives.  The reality is that leaders in all areas of life (CEO's, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, professionals) are always striving to achieve at a higher level while pouring into others.  Yet they can often fall short of expectations because they are not intentionally investing in themselves on a consistent basis.  It turns out that this is more critical than most realize because it is the key to extraordinary achievements and living.  This club is designed provide members with world-class coaching resources and a networking tribe they can go OLLIN to achieve the results and life they desire.

What exactly is Ollin?  It is an Ancient Aztec word that means to pursue something with all your heart.  Our goal is to help you go Ollin to get the exact results and life you desire...

Club Resources

Change can happen in an instant.  When you come upon the right resources and take immediate action on them, things can change radically in your life in an incredible way. This club is designed to provide you with transformational resources to maximize your productivity, results and potential.  Here are some of the core benefits that members will receive to make that happen.

#1 - Monthly Training Seminar

Access to a transformational coaching session each month with other members. In addition to gaining access to a powerful custom video lesson, each member will get an application activity sheet to help apply the materials.

#2 - Weekly High Potential Tips

To supplement the monthly training seminars, members will receive tips each week on how to maximize potential and close the gap on goals. These will be emailed and posted on our private Facebook page for convenience.

#3 - Quarterly Challenge Access

Forming habits can be challenging. This is why you will have access to quarterly challenges that will provide you an interactive environment with like-minded people to hone your habits and radically elevate your life.

#4 - Private Networking Tribe

One of the biggest factors in performance is surrounding yourself with the right people. This is why the club will include a private Facebook group that is designed to help members network and increase accountability.

I never realized how much more potential I had until I started working with Dr. Coyte Cooper. When I initially went through his program, I never expected it to change how I live my life on a daily basis. Coyte helps you realize the path to your dreams is not easy, but with consistent daily effort, we can all earn the right to success.

Derek Moore NCAA Champion & Coach

Overcoming Obstacles

Proactive people have more obstacles then ever when it comes to pursuing potential.  There are literally thousands of DISTRACTIONS all around us each day pulling at our attention.  With the advancement of technology, this often includes an abundance NEGATIVE MESSAGES that can make it difficult to stay positive when pursuing goals.  On top of this, even when there is a desire to achieve more, it can be OVERWHELMING to know exactly what to do to increase productivity and potential.  These are just a few of the challenges facing people who are passionate about achieving more results in their lives.  This club is designed help members break down these barriers so they can go Ollin to achieve their goals.

Transformational Topic Areas

The topics covered in this club have been custom designed to simplify the path to clarity, focus, ENERGY, motivation, passion and results.  How?  Dr. Cooper has poured into creating the type of resources that will help members radically increase their efficiency and focus so they can achieve incredible things in their lives.  Below are some sample topic areas that will be covered throughout 2018.  However, these topics will evolve as Dr. Cooper invests in new strategies designed to help proactive people maximize their productivity and potential.

Diminishing Distractions & Finding Focus

Improving Clarity & Purpose

Planning System for MASSIVE Results

Flipping the Script on Negative Thoughts

Setting & Achieving BIG Goals

Maximizing ENERGY & Productivity Levels

And MUCH More...

"Level-up with a POWERFUL group that inspires you to live to potential"

About Dr. Cooper

Coyte Cooper, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, executive coach, and international motivational keynote speaker in the area of High Performance where he focuses on empowering people to live to their highest potential. A podcast host, entrepreneur, NCAA Division I All-American, TEDx Speaker and former college professor, Dr. Cooper specializes in creating transformational systems and strategies that are designed to help leaders, business professionals and students radically improve their balance, clarity, ENERGY, motivation and vision so they can cultivate MASSIVE results in their lives.



One of the single greatest investments you can ever make is in yourself.  As you elevate the quality of your training, the opportunities you will open up around you have the potential to EXPLODE.  The key is to make sure that you are investing in the right resources so that your efforts compound and turn into something extraordinary.

The Ollin Coaching Club is CRAZY unique in the training resources it provides to members.  There is literally nothing else like it on the market because of the fact that it combines world-class performance coaching materials with 28-Day Challenge experiences and tribe networking that help solidify transformational habits.  This one-of-a-kind club packages these benefits at a fraction of the cost so you can gain access to materials with the potential to radically transform your results and life.


Become a Member of the Ollin Coaching Club

*Limited time only.  Available only to the first 50 people who sign up for club.  The first official coaching call will be offered in April, 2018.